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Feb 21, 2024

Hong Kong Welcome Middle-Eastern Companies

Hong Kong stands as a prime destination for companies from the Middle East, particularly benefiting those in the Energy and Renewable Energy, Healthcare and High-tech, Infrastructure, and Finance sectors, according to a collaborative report by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and CCB International Capital Limited (CCB International). These sectors are poised to gain substantially from pursuing a listing in Hong Kong.

This report highlights Hong Kong's strategic location, adherence to the rule of law, expansive and deep market, and access to a worldwide investor pool as key factors making it an attractive listing venue.

One of the city's standout features for Middle Eastern enterprises is its robust legal system, which is highly valued. Being the sole common law jurisdiction in China, Hong Kong is renowned for its commitment to the rule of law and judicial transparency. This legal framework ensures the protection of fundamental rights for businesses and investors engaging in listing activities in Hong Kong.

To enhance Hong Kong's status as a leading listing hub for Middle Eastern companies, the study underscores the necessity of bolstering its connections with these countries, particularly at governmental and regulatory levels. Establishing stronger government-to-government (G2G) relationships with Middle Eastern nations is crucial, with the respective governments playing a key role in guiding their business sectors.

Furthermore, the report suggests intensifying market promotion efforts and providing investment education to Middle Eastern entities to foster their interest in the financial services offered by Hong Kong.

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